This delicious gift set includes Huckleberry Jam and Huckleberry Jelly preserves alongside a large bottle of delicious Huckleberry Syrup! Sure to quell anyone's sweet craving! This set makes a perfect

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Spokandy Huckleberry Flavored Pancake Syrup With Huckleberry Jam and Huckleberry Honey Gift Set For Breakfast Pancakes Flapjacks Hotcakes


  • Huckleberry Syrup Made With REAL Huckleberry Juice Goes Perfectly on Pancakes, French Toast,Crepes, Flapjacks or Waffles!
  • Huckleberry HONEY With Huckleberry JUICE! Check out the Huckleberry Mojito RECIPE below for a Cool, Summer Drink!
  • Huckleberry JAM for your Toast, Muffin, or Bagel, Scone, or Biscuit. Sure to complete any Breakfast Meal with Family or Friends!
  • Three Delicious Gifts in one for any occassion! You can't just buy Huckleberry Syrup anywhere! BUY IT NOW to have it delivered to your door!
  • Taste the Freshness And Goodness of the Pacific Northwest! Huckleberries are not grown commercially so they have to be harvested in the wild. This Huckleberry Jam is made in small batches with the berries having been harvested at high altitudes. Enjoy!
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